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Property securement's
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Locks Changed 

Opening doors damage free. Removing and replacing existing locking hardware. Re-use or replace locks as needed, keys cut on site. Locks can be master keyed or they  can be replaced with push button locks or locks with internet access.

Before & After Picture 

Before and after pictures are obtained for owners scrutiny. Any property damage is documented and forwarded at the time of securement. Live two way video services are available.   

Windows Secured

Typically window are checked to ensure entry without breakage is not possible. Windows will be secured with fasteners, new window locks or plywood. Patio doors and garage doors are secured from inside using a similar method.

Bailiff Scheduling

Coordinating with local sheriff or bailiff services to protect all parties involved. To remove occupants lawfully and without harm. Provide documents for termination of lease or eviction.

Post document's at all entry point to property, with 

100% 0 tenant interaction

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Gates & Sheds 

Back yard gates a fences are secured. Padlocks and hasps are installed on gates and sheds to protect property. Large openings in fence are repaired or replaced with new. 


To supply and install key lock box with keys. Codes to be set and sent to contact for site access. Key box to be drilled and mounted in appropriate location. Keys can be delivered or fast tracked to anywhere for your convenience.  


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