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Every door, Anytime...Right at your fingertips! 

accessing smarthome from cell phone

Access your system from your smartphone, protecting your home or business with the Best door hardware and the only integrated security solution of its kind


  • 1080PHD video 

  • Audio monitoring for businesses or home

  • Superior automation capabilities

  • Access from any smart phone with an app 24 hours a day

  • automatically adjusts lighting for day or night times

access user swipping card to open door


Using the push button door lock or a door access system can help reduce pilferage by employees 
as inventory under lock and key will be tracked via the access control log. 

As well, access can be granted to specific individuals at specific times. 

Maintaining full control will empower to restrict access to only those 
who have reason to have access. Keeping track of real time personnel movements 
using from a smartphone, PC, Internet or any other mobile communications device is easy.

Access control system installed

Access your security system with your phone

Card reader systems being tested

Even the smallest site has the potential to be confusing or dangerous for visitors & employees.

Keeping track of individuals accessing your premises will help to keep them safe and away from areas of privacy or high security sensitive areas.


Our access control systems give you the capability to track real time personnel movements 

Gate access gooseneck with double readers
employee using access system
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