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Doing it right for the first time

4041 XP LCN door closure

Door Closures

Is what we do every day

RTS88 Dorma door closure with side load arm


Dorma RTS88

When it comes to the security of your building. Lock Systems will ensuring your facility is safe and secure, by ensuring the proper door closure is used

This is a clear example of the wrong door closure

Commercial door and frame damaged from wrong doo closure
Door closureligh duty for commercial doors
4040 LCN door closer

Lock Systems will up-grade and retro fit that builders grade door closure.  Ask about having it serviced by our high skilled technicians


LCN4041XP offers a stronger design and has created a new paradigm in equipment reliability and longevity:

 A device with added value that goes beyond the norms of the industry

A precedence setter in terms of door closure equipment

The tough bold construction protects the proven LCN technology. LCN has shown to be stronger and features variety of smart applications


  1. Doors are closed and latched

  2. All hardware is up to specialist recommendations.

  3. Repairs & replacements are not a bad thing. Everything wears down!

  4. Choose a good quality door closure

door held open fire code breach
4041 XP Cush arm and closure
Door closure mounted in a school
Door closure leaking oil
Door closure wih track system

Not having a door close due to air pressure,
 obstructions, or a faulty door closure is the most extreme security breach you can have!

Fire rated door closure with automatic hold open
Double doors with Sargent door cosure

RTS88 by Dorma

The RTS88 by Dorma  this closure comes in many sizes, colours, & finishes.

Architects are often challenged to design buildings that are both beautiful and functional. The Dorma RTS88 overhead concealed door closure offers the perfect solution.

How to detect problems with your closure


  • Doors slamming

  • Oil running down door face


Door closures in this state are in need of replacement. Have one of our technicians replace the unit same day!




Servicing concealed door closures require a real understanding on how the door operates, what model you have and will it need to be retro fitted with a new model. 

RTS88 Installed overhead
Technician adjusting door closure
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