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Marijuana Dispensary Security Solutions 

Remote Door Release 

Glass Showcase Security Film 

CCTV Camera Systems

Steel Security Doors 

Large Capacity Safes 

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For larger stockrooms we recommend our vault door . High security and fire resistant these doors and frame turn a secure room into a high security room simply roll product in and out using a cart system 


Window Film 

Security window film is truly a great option when it comes to securing any glass related building coverage.


This transparent film covers the inside of your window and when this material is 
installed it will stop an axe, baseball bat or a hammer.

"Great for showcases"

CCTV Camera System

1080p High definition closed circuit monitoring system for remote viewing on site and off site viewing with phone app .

Remote Door Button 

Hard wired or wireless key chain remotes are a convenient way to keep doors locked and secure, with the ability to release a door from another room 

Security has never looked so good!

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Installed by our professional team of installers 


Keeping your money and products safer than ever

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Secure all areas of a facility with a high variety of security monitoring systems which are designed and installed by our skilled security technicians

Monitoring lighting and temperature while ventilation and watering is 
automatically turned on and off with an on-board timer. This system is used 
by the government and the military.  

Keeping your products in your hands

biometric system.jpg

We ensure our products...

Has your business covered !

Access     Control 

Custom installations by Lock Systems 

Monitoring of each room with integrated 
sensors for movement, while monitoring each door and cabinet with real 
time access controls while keeping doors locked. Sensors will monitor 
vibration on floors or walls or a pressure sensitive floor for maximum
 protection and security.


With object counting and listen-in modules to hear what is going on in a secure room when the area is locked down.


Only open cabinets, doors or safes with bio-metric fingerprint readers or card access. CCTV systems with full access will take before and after pictures of an event that is triggered, all this 
can all be accessed through a smartphone app.

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