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Back Door 

Providing Safe Fire Doors in Burlington, ON

Ensure you meet fire code specifications with our fire doors in Toronto, Ontario. This high-security emergency exit system surpasses what is required with today's strict fire safety codes. Lock Systems installs the Brutze 4 point locking system panic bar. Used in combination with a digital electronic keypad. When requirements would call for the door to have audit capabilities, this would be completed through the arming and disarming features.  Hardware would be installed on a 16 Gage steel (bullet-resistant available) insulated fire door with welded seams and a prime paint finish. To complement this rugged design, we complement this with some of the best-added hardware the industry has to offer. For sound and smoke, a smoke stop is used.  Select continuous hinge and an LCN 4041-XP door closure to ensure door system a trouble-free open and close every day.


Other feature would include Medeco high-security cylinder security lock hardware, which is used to access the secure fire door. Full-length latch protector, automatic weather seal with door hold the open device to avoid cart damage, a stainless steel armature protective kick plate to protect from rust and paint scratches.


Smart door

Yes absolutely 

 with Bruzs smart door designs you can customize your door to suite almost any security or environment  speciation 


Security doors built to withstand almost any  physical's attack . Hi cycle steel doors with welded seam are constructed from  18 gauge galvanized steel. These doors are built to last for years. Bullet & blast-resistant stainless steel doors contain resistant materials.


Custom common composites are added or removed to complete the process and design. Soundproofing,  custom paint with

Bio- clean virus resistant surfaces are added.

From a remote location members can monitoring  unlock, close and remotely access users credentials



Interlock systems eliminating  lighting & interlock doors. Automatically grant access  or not .

Each door can be monitored and updated from anywhere on the planet. 

 Doors are intergraded into camera & access controls systems monitored in real time. Events can be updated from your smartphone.  

Need a door? 

Knowledge is key to cost-effectiveness: having Lock Systems as your security “go to people” means when it comes to security and handicap doors, and securing points of entry and exit our knowledge allows you to experience and counsel how to protect resources the best, be it protecting the product from people and or the people from the product.

Measuring Our Secure Handicap Doors in Burlington, ON
Keeping Customers in Mind with Our Automatic Doors in Burlington, ON

Variety of doors

We provide the public with doors that suits all needs;

  • Aluminum storefront doors

  • All glass frameless doors

  • Steel fire doors

  • Steel entry doors

  • Apartment suite doors

  • Wood doors

  • Fast rubber doors

  • Commercial shipping doors

  • Revolving doors

  • Bi-parting doors

  • Low energy doors

  • Automatic doors 

  • Handicap washrooms

  • Balance doors

  • Centre hung doors

  • Pocket doors 

  • Shopping mall doors

  • Crash doors

  • Man trap doors

  • Smoke seal doors


The principles and levels of luxury are the same for all types of security environments: 
Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Institutional. 

Designing Door Hardware in Burlington, ON

Builders Grade 

Builder grade hardware is  unfortunately the lowest of 

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Brutez Grade 1

Upgrade your exit door to a more secure and trouble free emergency exit 

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All Videos

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Having the team at Lock Systems means when discussing security requirements 
& budgets we can advise you of the gamut of security options to the latest and greatest 
state-of-the-art modern security technology, including advancements such things as bullet-proof 
glass & other “impenetrable substrates”, remote keyless access, motion detection / sensory detection, and more!

Doors purpose

A fire door in its simplest form is a barrier and a part of the structure. Doors allow entry and exit, from one side to the other. The doorway allows people or goods to pass through when open and prevents passage when closed. From a basic door with a handle, hinges and a lock in either wood, metal (including aluminum), glass, plastic, fiberglass or any combinations, security can be achieved, it's just that simple!

From the very common doors prevalent in homes, cottages and other residential structures, to the more advanced commercial doors such as:

Fire exit doors

Sliding glass doors

to industrial environments with turnstiles or entry-access card reader systems. Our security technicians can quote you their best recommendations to create the perfect barrier for entering or to exit.


For a low-cost solution, a quality door with good locking mechanisms may suffice. 


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