This is our story 

We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day.

Lock Systems is a premier security and property solutions company. Through experience we know what works. Our commitment is simple when we make a promise to you, we keep it!

To be the premier source of security products and services that serves the treats of an ever changing world. 

To achieve this Lock Systems will continue to invest time in our people offering them the newest technologies, techniques, and skills,

thus offering our customers the latest state of the art Security Solution.

To achieve our mission:

We have created an organization that is built to deliver. Our people include those which can provide the client with expert on-site consultation

for complex system design or to assess you in the best approach to unusual challenge.The nature of the needed technology,

whether mechanical or electronic, defines to who the process is channeled to.
It will involve the person whose training in this area of expertise and is specifically geared to the issue.

Our team includes professionals who are personally responsible for the supervision of the entire project.

Programs and systems are in place to empower our people to guarantee top performance. 



We are committed to assisting clients make their contractual obligation that much easier to manage. 
A strategic and competitive business tool at your fingertips  24 Hrs. a day geared to save you time.

Our range of solutions for your industry is incredible.

Design -  Build - Implement 
solutions with your best interest in mind. Our services will help any business manager succeed in this fast paced economy. 
From high-end complicated bio-metric access systems to a common cost effective mechanical locking system we have the answer.

About the Owner James Currie 

Door & Lock Solutions Est: 1989

James Currie first started his career in the security field in 1989 as a stockroom clerk, by 92 Mr. Currie was a mobile service technician providing solutions for a wide range of mechanical and electrical security issues for such clients like Lester B Pearson International Airport.

Over the last 25 years James has had the pleasure of designing implementing and maintaining some of the largest master key systems in the region. Rogers Real-estate , McMichaels Art Gallery, OPP Detachments, Shopping Malls, Condominiums, Class A Office Buildings are just a few of the facility's James has serviced over the years.

Mr. Currie was awarded his 20 year pin from the Association Of Ontario Locksmith in October of 2012. for his support and dedication as a member in good standing.

 James has received factory training on hundreds of products and procedures from the leading security manufactures. 

Having James Currie and his team in your corner is a smart investment.

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