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Aluminum anything is possible

Service technician replacing door pivots
Service technician repairing sliding glass door
Shopping mall doors broken and out of order.
Aluminum store front with glass filled.

Aluminum store front door servicing: 

In commercial environments wear and tear on door equipment 

can mean that a service may need to be more frequent.


With our certified security experts we can be there for you.

For example a pivot and/or a hinge replacement is needed or perhaps a lock servicing is required.

Servicing condominium security doors systems or underground

security doors; no problem, we are just a phone call away. 

When retro fitting obsolete hardware, or installing extra locks into

aluminum store front doors

{ we do that too } Cutting hollow metal doors and installation

window kits, yup ! Got it 

Replacement of glass, adding a weather seal or caulking we have you covered. 

With glass door hardware and service, Lock Systems is offering our product specialists to work with you to ensure the entrance hardware you order from us will meet your needs. some of the products featured are all glass entrance system hardware, access control 
handles, locking paddle pulls, door handles, center locks, heavy glass partitions, sliding and pivoting door systems, commercial patch hardware and more!

Automatic all glass doors in a condo. Toronto

Servicing concealed door closures require a real understanding on how the door operates,what model you have and will it need to be retro fitted with a new model? When handling these all glass type of doors one wrong move,could spell disaster!... if not handled 
properly doors will shatter.

Doors not closing, slamming? 

We can fix that!


  • Design versatility ( Anodized finishes which can compliment architectural design)

  •  Easy to repair and maintain

Thermal aluminum glass door

  • Narrow-wide style

  • Medium- wide style

  • Wide-style  with vertical or horizontal 

Swing-style doors in either:

  •  Bars

  • Sliding glass doors,consider the gauge and thickness of the glass

Special glazing instructions 

are required; what type of finish for the glass and for the aluminium frame? Will I need to pay extra for what I want?These are just some of the questions asked on a daily.

Aluminum glass doors centre hung pivots
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