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Detex exit alarm:

  • Code compliant
  •  Battery alarmed
  •  Rugged dead bolt
  • Panic devices with steel plate and photo-luminescent sign providing security and a 100 decibel alarm for secondary exits.

Detex Exit Alarm Less Cylinder

SKU: 671253175371
  • Parts Breakdown

    Item                Description

    1KIT               Mechanism Assembly (includes 1a-1f & 2kit)

    1a                  Cam Bridge Assembly

    1b                  Cam Plate Bottom

    1c                  Bolt Assembly

    1d                  Detent Spring

    1e                  Detent Lever & Roller Assembly

    1f                   Actuator & Release Lever Kit

    2KIT               Siren Switch Assembly (includes 2a-2d)

    2a                  Switch Assembly

    2b                  9V Battery Connector

    2c                  Siren

    2d                  Holder Switch Actuator Replacement Kit

    3                    Backplate

    4                    Retaining Ring

    5                    Bar Pin

    6                    Paddle Bar Short OR Paddle Bar Long

    7                    Bar Shield

    8                    Paddle Bar Plate Short (2 hole) OR Paddle Bar Plate Long                          (3 hole)

    9                    Cover

    10KIT             Lockset with 2 keys (includes 10a) (select key number 11                          thru 20)



    Tools required


    Tape for templates

    Center punch


    Drill motor

    Drill bits


    Linesman's cutters

    Tape measure

    Combination square 10-24 Tap


    *Please ensure technician is hired or on site when installing or inspecting hardware sold to prevent injury, malfunctioning, or further issues. Please book an appointment with us here at Lock Systems to ensure hardware is set up properly.

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