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The LCN 4040 series is a heavy duty surface mounted closer. mounting accessories are in stock.  The 4040 series has been designed to be used on metal or timber swinging commercial interior/exterior doors and is ideally suited for hospitals, educational, institutional and other high traffic applications. 

LCN 4041XP Heavy Duty Door Closure

SKU: 632835642834572
  • Body Features

    • Cast iron cylinder with full-complement bearing
    • 3/4" diameter piston
    • Double-heat treated steel pinion journal


    Quality and durability

    • All-weather Liquid X fluid
    • LCN patented Green Dial spring force indicator



    • Universal non-handed
    • Peel-n-stick template and snap-on cover
    • Adjustable spring sizes 1-6




    • Powder coat finish offered in standard colors
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