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Displayed photo of door closer is an example of how the plate could look - The plate and door closer are not the same model being sold

  • Compatible with door closer 4000 Series and LCN 4040 XP Series
  • Heavy duty powder coat steel
  • Fasteners and mounting instructions included - Recommended by Lock Systems to hire a technician to install any hardware items on store.
  • For parallel arm installation where top rail of door is less than 6”

LCN4041 Drop Plate

  • Lock Systems agrees to install equipment listed on work order. The following terms and conditions are parts of this Agreement set forth herein by and between the parties (herein after called the customer) and Lock Systems otherwise known as LS are binding upon both parties.

    Terms and Conditions applying to installation;

    A) Customer will make the purpose; Of safe and available work area without interruptions and clear of colluder during Lock Systems normal working hours 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday excluding holidays. Service request by customer outside above hours may be performed at Lock Systems discretion at its then pervading time and material rate.

    B) The customer understands; The installation of lock and hardware products may necessitate drilling into very is part of the premises including drilling holes in doors. Lock Systems intends to conceal wiring in a finished area of the promises in all CCTV Access control systems, however there may be an area due to construction or finishing, decoration that it would be to impractical to coneal wiring, in such a case wiring will be exposed as neat as possible.

    C) Title to the purchase equipment is to remain with Lock Systems until full payment is received; Failure to pay the full purchase price when due and/or honour its contractual obligation of this agreement shall give Lock Systems the right to access the premise for purpose of removing the said equipment, notwithstanding that it may be attached to the building without obligation to redecorate or repaired promises or any other laities to repossess all equipment indicated on work order that will be presented at site, with or without notice and to avail itself any of legal remedy. Customer hereby grants Lock Systems interest under the personal property security act in the equipment installed or sold until paid in full. Equipment indicated in the invoice presented with or without notice and to avail itself. Failing to allow Lock Systems access to perform above shall be liable to Lock Systems for the full value of the same such system as well as any other cost or damages suffered.


    D) Warranty relating to security and door hardware service; All locking hardware keys are covered under the individual manufacturer's limited warranty of one year, unless otherwise indicated different. In the event, which prove to be defective in material Lock Systems labour service on this security service will be extended to 90 days from the following of the original installation of repair.


    Conditions not covered by warranty;

    1. Failure of the customer to proper closes or secure a door, window or other point protected by products that Lock Systems installed

    2. Damages resulting from accidents, act of God, alterations, misuses, tampering and abuse

    3. Any and all third party interference

    4. Failure of the customer to properly follow operation instructions provided by Lock Systems at the time of installation or any service call physical changes or alterations made by the customer or other trades to the premises secured by Lock Systems

    5. Failure of the customer to allow Lock Systems to make repairs deemed appropriate

    6. Any lost, stolen, broken keys and lost authorization duplicate cards

  • * All shipping information varies from different hardware selected in the store. When an order is made, please ensure to look at the bottom of the "proceed to check out" amount to see what shipping costs will total with the cost of the item being sold. Also, taxes will be included in the total price.

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