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Wave to open is a hands-free switch. They are being designed to provide superior door activation in new and retrofit access control and automatic door applications. The result is an unprecedented level of easy installation (in any application), rock solid performance (wired & wireless) and years of trouble free service.


Pricing does vary on which model is chosen. Check out product information for which model could best suit your needs for this Wave to open switch

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    • Wired, wireless and hybrid (wirless/wired) models - Pricing does vary in regards to which model is chosen.
    • Wired model (2 relay) price: $379.00
    • Wired model (1 relay) price: $300.00
    • Indoor/outdoor use. -20º C TO +85º C operating temp. Gasket included in package
    • Battery powered wireless models offer 2 yr. battery life using standard 'AA' alkaline batteries.
    • Line powered models offer 12/24V, AC/DC operation
    • 1 and 2 relay wired models, SPDT, Form 'C'
    • Narrow (jamb), single and and double gang faceplates
    • Polycarbonate (black) and stainless steel faceplates
    • Advanced active infra-red technology with fast response
    • Heavy duty 3 or 5 Amp rated relay
    • Adjustable operating range up to 28"
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