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Security Window Film

Trust in our team to help you make the best decision!

Security film has more than just one purpose:

  1. Protects those in warfare countries from terrorist attacks

  2. Saves lives all over the globe from natural disasters

  3. The film adheres itself to the glass holding it together. Perfect for clean ups and preventing injuries

  4. Can be used on showcases in malls/stores as well

  5. Can be used also on notice boards, liquor cabinets, cigar rooms

Protecting your property is what the job is about!

Security window film is truly a great option when it comes to securing any glass related building coverage.


This transparent film covers the inside of your window and when this material is 
installed it will stop an axe, baseball bat or a hammer.

There are a few different thicknesses to choose from, for your different security concerns

To name a few different thicknesses:


4 Mil (100 microns) - Thinnest thickness for security film - A steel crow bar will smash glass. Can not withhold much damage. Delays a criminal for roughly 30 seconds

8 Mil (milcrons) - Second thinnest thickness for security film - Can withhold damage from a wooden bat. A steel crow bar will smash glass. Delays a criminal for roughly 40 seconds

14 Mil ( 350 microns) - One of the thickest security film - Can withhold damage from crow bar and body weight rammed into the glass. Delays a criminal for roughly 1 minute

3M (100 microns) - The strongest security film. It has 28 layers - Can withhold gun shots, kicks and delays a criminal for roughly 1 minute and 45 seconds 


Just watch the videos below to help you decide what's best for you!

Security film

Security film

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